Wed. Feb 21st, 2024

Record destruction – it’s a crucial consideration for your business for both legal compliance and security. While some documents must be saved and safeguarded, others, particularly those that contain sensitive consumer information, must be destroyed. You have three options here. You can attempt to destroy those records yourself. You can hire a company to pick them up and destroy them at their facility. Or, you can choose a professional mobile document shredding service. Of the three, the latter is the better option.

What Is It?

So, what is a mobile document shredding service? Really, the name says it all. These companies come to your location and destroy records onsite. That immediately offers a couple of benefits over the other two methods. Obviously, it alleviates you having to detail staff to do it yourself, which saves time and money while fostering better security. It also prevents the possibility of records being lost in transit, or theft of information.

Why Does It Matter?

According to the US Bureau of Justice Statistics, more than 17 million US citizens were the victims of identity theft in 2014 alone, and that trend is only increasing. While the Internet definitely played a role here, a significant number of cases occurred because a business did not properly handle records that contained sensitive consumer information, allowing thieves to gain access either through outright theft, theft while records were in transit, or by “dumpster diving”. Your business cannot withstand the damage to its reputation should you allow sensitive information into the wrong hands, not to mention the significant legal repercussions you would experience.

Understanding the Advantages

Other than the convenience and savings offered, what are the primary benefits of mobile document shredding for your business?

Security: Because your records are never taken offsite, security is greatly increased. You don’t have to worry about information theft or loss, and you can even watch as the records are destroyed right on premises.

Better Results: With consumer-grade shredders, most information is actually easily recovered. All a thief has to do is put the pieces back together. However, with professional equipment, the information is unrecoverable due to the incredibly small size of the fragments.

As Needed: You can enjoy secure record destruction at any time, or you can schedule these services to fit your schedule.

Certified Destruction: With a professional, licensed service, you will receive a certificate of destruction that should be maintained with your records to prove due diligence.

As you can see, mobile document shredding can offer convenience, savings and significantly greater security for your customers, business partners and even your business itself.