Wed. Feb 21st, 2024

The sales process is more or less the same whether you sell a product or service on or offline. When I first started in the sales industry a long time ago, I found it hard to sell. It was hard because the more I didn’t get a sale, the more “aggressive” I became; I was too hungry for a sale.

Eventually I learned to break the cycle. I was told that my techniques would only frighten away customers. The best sales advice I was taught was to relax. When a salesperson is relaxed, customers “feed off you” through your body language thus having the same effect on the customer.

My aim is to provide you with plenty of sales tips that I learned. I hope to encourage you by providing you new sales material to better your sales techniques?

The Sales Process, There’s Something Missing!

Every sales job has a sales process, it goes like this.

  • Step 1 – Product Knowledge
  • Step 2 – Prospecting
  • Step 3 – The Approach
  • Step 4 – The Assessment of Needs
  • Step 5 – The Presentation
  • Step 6 – Closing the Sale
  • Step 7 – The Follow Up

I would say that there is another step before step 2. The most important bit of any business is – product belief. In order to successfully get to the close is believing in what you are selling. Believing in the product is the most important aspect of business survival. It also brings job satisfaction which trickles down to your customer.


  1. Do you use all of the steps above?
  2. Do you know that many businesses lose out because they forget step 7 – the follow up?

The follow up procedure is the best thing you can do to get repeat customers and it’s a fact that it alone can potentially double your sales! There are so many businesses that concentrate on attracting new business rather than focusing on the customers they already have. Give them attention before they go elsewhere. You can keep customer loyalty by sending them offers, phone calls, cards and gifts.

Improve Your Sales Skills

To be a sales expert, learning doesn’t stop when you finish work. To become a master at anything takes 10,000 hours of you time. Let’s say that at 8 hours a day and 7 days a week. You can be a sales expert in 3 years! Of course, no one works 7 days a week so my point is, don’t give up.

Life is full of learning curves and hurdles. Another thing to be aware of is how you carry yourself. It is fact that 70% of your communication is through your body language then it’s probably good advise not to bring your problems into your sales.

Refining Your Sales Questions

Selling techniques takes time to perfect. I have written a number of sales quotes for you from opening the sale, facts about selling and closing the sale. So, if you are wondering how to increase sales, write the following quotes down as they might come in handy!

It is not what you say but how you say it. This is about emphasis on words you use. Words can be expressed and altered approximately 7 times through tone and meaning. Words are powerful so watch how you use them.

Get the “but” out of your mouth Don’t follow a sentence with but. It makes people think negatively

Body language says 70% of what you are trying to communicate That’s fact.

If I could, would you? If you could provide (benefit) would you (buy?)

Decisions are almost always emotionally based. Factors such as needs v wants if the product or service has value.

Paint pictures – lots of them! Can you imagine it? Can you see yourself doing it?

Third party stories / Testimonials. This helps build trust. People listen more when there is a story attached.

Add more in value than what they are paying for in cost. Give them a reason to say “wow”.

If you can’t handle rejection, then get out of sales. (Nothing personal) If you take rejection easily, this industry going to be hard for you. I worked in an industry whereby I was getting “no’s” 99 times out of 100 pitches.

Objections – are they real or just an excuse?

Receive questions with “open arms”. All questions are valid, even if you have to repeat yourself!

Never show offense to the prospects line of questioning. Your aim is to build trust and create a positive atmosphere.

Learn to use more open questions – Who, what, when, where, how.

Become a master of objection handling – Layer excuses with “why”.

Make your product sound special, exclusive and limited, it’s not for everyone. – The take away sale.

How To Increase Sales

I hope that the questions and ideas above can help maximise your chance of getting a sale, but there is another method of objection handling.

Get a piece of A4 paper and fold it in half, length ways. On one side write down “objections” and on the other side write “comebacks” or, why they should buy your product/service. Your aim is to write down three comebacks to every one objection. This should enable you to think “outside the box” when you are face to face with a customer.

Objection handling is the most important skill to learn, apply this sales skill below which cuts through the “no’s” like butter. good enough reason why they should buy from you.