Thu. Feb 22nd, 2024

Outsourcing is one smart move which has always been a pivotal thing for corporations as it helps them to focus on their key aspects of business and outsource something which can be done by an expert in less time and at the right price. The majority of the big companies today believe and practice outsourcing as it offers them more bandwidth to explore and focus on something which is their key. So choosing to outsource can be really a tough job as to which country and why and this is something which can be tough.

Costa Rica has emerged as a global hub for outsourcing, especially for American corporations. This country which is considered to be the Silicon Valley of Latin American has immense potential and this is the reason companies are choosing it as their favorite outsourcing destination. The country has educated and skilled workforce supported by their best education system in Latin America and it also has the highest English language proficiency in Latin America which is a natural advantage for the majority of the english speaking countries who can outsource their work to firms in Costa Rica. The country has a strong education system and has new and updated technical programs in IT domain which make them a key leader in business.

The IT sector is the key to everything today and Costa Rica has all the reasons to attract IT companies to outsource their work to them. The country with its educated and trained IT workforce has a global in-house attrition rate of 9% as per a study publishing is done by Deloitte in 2012. This is something which is a blessing for IT firms as they can count on their outsourced partners to deliver the projects well on time and always.

Costa Rica is on Central Standard Time and has a great connectivity with average 5-6 flying hours time from major US cities. In addition to this most of the US cities have a direct flight to Costa Rica which makes it more meaningful to do business with a country which is easily reachable and travel-friendly. Most of the companies here in Costa Rica have a great working culture where they work with the motto to improve performance, increase effectiveness whether it is about your web application, existing technical setup or to build a cloud-based solution from scratch. With expertise in Customer service, understanding different business models and great work ethics put Costa Rica in the front race to be the right outsourcing partner for any business.