Wed. Jun 7th, 2023

Stock package and stickers outdated? Creative custom packaging? Happy moving!

Custom packaging is a terrific approach to boost brand awareness, gain competitiveness, and attract new customers. Custom printed bags, for example, can be tailored to your demands and brand identity. They’re walking ads for your company.

Custom printed bags are advantageous to your business, but they may be expensive and hurt your brand if not designed well. To avoid this, we’ve listed 15 frequent custom printed packaging blunders.

  1. Neglecting Customers

Many companies develop printed bags for themselves rather than clients. Customers use personalized bags. You must develop printed bags that meet customer demands, expectations, and tastes.

  1. Disparity

Custom printed bags and another paper packaging should attract customers. Your brand should stand out from competitors and similar companies. Even though you’re aiming to outperform them, your printed bags shouldn’t look like theirs. Design your packaging and boxes to stand out from competitors and reflect your brand.

  1. Ignoring Print/Graphics Errors

A typo or visual inaccuracy hurts your company’s image. Customers may assume your organization is sloppy and your items are flawed. Don’t ignore printed bag errors. They’re worth every penny to fix.

  1. Old Printing Designs

Customers desire the latest packaging designs. Don’t use obsolete packaging designs; they won’t appeal to them. Consider changing your packaging design to beat the competition and become a market leader. Rather than mass-producing one design, invest in seasonal packaging.

  1. Ignoring The Bag’s Weight

Don’t disregard weight when designing custom printed bags or boxes. The bag should be durable enough for long-term use. The bag’s thickness depends on its contents.

  1. Eco-Unfriendly Printing

Modern consumers are eco-conscious and want firms to implement environmentally sound methods, especially if your product appeals to them. Many firms don’t aware of how many eco-friendly solutions exist and use traditional packaging.

  1. Overcomplicating

Custom printed bags should be simple. Make your purse simple. Unless it’s your brand, avoid jargon and cutesy sayings. Your viewers will be drawn to a simple, straightforward design. Confused leads don’t buy, they say.

  1. Incorrect Packaging

A nice custom-printed bag is both stylish and useful. Bad wrapping makes the bag useless. Some cheap materials aren’t suited for packaging certain products. Choose the correct packing material to simplify printing, satisfy customers, and decrease waste.

  1. Normal Ink

Normal inks print normal bags. Metallic, bright, shiny, and glow-in-the-dark inks make unique bags with attention-grabbing content.

  1. Unreadable Text

Don’t accept unreadable printing for fancy graphics or fonts. Your bag’s name, emblem, and other details should be clear and legible.

  1. No Whitespace

Avoid overly colorful backdrops. Customers will be annoyed. Experts recommend leaving white space in your designs’ backgrounds. The design includes negative space.

  1. Product Testing

Test your bags before printing in mass, just like a car. Durability, strength, and practicality should be tested. This ensures a bag’s fit and collects client feedback.

  1. Mismeasured Design

Imagine making a purse that’s too big or little. If the bag is too small, it’s useless. Too-big bags are wasteful. Put your product in the exact size bag you wish to use when printing a bespoke bag to make sure it fits.

  1. Large Package Logo

You want your logo on your custom printed bag, but not too big. A large logo can be intimidating and aggressive. Logo size should match bag size. Good designers can help.

  1. Insufficient Bags

Order Here! Bags are essential. It all depends on your storage capacity and budget. You can save money by ordering in bulk and not running out.

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