Fri. Feb 23rd, 2024

Wait. Stop, for a second, let’s take a quiz, shall we? So, how many times do you look around to see the beauty of the nature, even for a minute? You don’t, because you do not have that much of a time, right? Okay, let’s try something else, what was the last time you had a little chit chat with your family at tea table? You don’t remember, right? And well, even if you do, you were really busy with your work or something. So let’s accept the fact that there are a lot of burdens we have to imbibe in our daily lives right? A lot of stress, a lot of competition, and what not’s of our inevitably leads us to having a headache, immense lethargic feeling and an overall a dizzy kind of sense. Even, sometimes the hazards of a long train journey or jet lag makes us tired, and we are often posed with problems such as loss of sleep or sleep deprivation as an outcome of this immense level of stress we put on ourselves. Since we are all at home in Quarantine season fighting off a deadly epidemic, how about we take a little pledge? A pledge to enjoy the nature around us, a pledge to spend a quality time with our family, for a while, since we are kind of free from our regular stressed jobs, how about we give ourselves a little time and go on doing that for our betterment along with relief provided in one packet, in a form of your favorite beverage?

Chaikapi brings you the opportunity to make you work on yourself with an easier feeling. As WHO says, working all the time and no relaxation could be dangerous for your health, Chaikapi offers their range of instant tea premix powder sachets to provide you a moment of refreshment during your long days at work, and to make your boring days at home a little bit of fun.

Chaikapi provided lemon tea premix powder sachets is a beverage derived from tea leaves that allows people to quickly prepare tea by adding hot water. Hence, warm up the chill on shivering winter days, while giving yourself a refreshing breeze to yourself on summer days. Chaikapi’s Lemon Tea Premix does the job both ways while giving you the best quality tea powder mix made from the liquor extracted with extra care from tea leaves. There are several advantages of instant lemon tea premix powders and those obviously include speed of preparation (instant tea dissolves quickly in hot water), but it also gives you a relief in a moment, for instance if you’re having a bad headache and cannot even indulge in the long process of making yourself a cup of lemon-tea, Chaikapi provided lemon tea powder sachets would be there to save you from that disastrous situation.

Chaikapi brings to you its an wide, varied range of lemon tea premix powders to make your evenings perfect, your tea times more enjoyable along with a touch of refreshment.

Satisfying blend of soothing tea with a touch of lemon, surrounds you with its aroma once consumed. Smooth on the palate with an appeasing lemony note, finishes with a balance of a sweetly-sour after-taste. This is a premix powder sachet, just add your own way of serving and enjoy!