Fri. Feb 23rd, 2024

You may have seen your most admired competitor steal the deal you coveted over lunch, while you were still on the second leg of your connecting flight with a 45 minute drive awaiting you upon landing.

How did he do it? With his own airplane of course, and although you’ve dreamed about edging out your competition with your own plane for quite some time, somehow the issue of long, drawn out and tedious training has prevented you from taking the next step.

What if there was a better way to train – training on your schedule, in your plane and while you’re “on the job?” It is actually quite doable, allowing you to take control of your flight training, when you hire a Personal Flight Trainer. Consider the value of having your Personal Flight Trainer at your beck and call, on your schedule and available at a moment’s notice when the opportunity arises to close a deal in rural America while your competitor is zig-zagging the country. Whether you’re able to complete a flight lesson or if weather requires you to observe a pro in action while you fly to your destination, you’ve learned some valuable lessons in the sky and closed the deal! In addition, this type of training can nurture a much better pilot than traditional “pattern” flying, and builds much more confidence with exposure to real life, real time conditions. You’re learning in the plane that you’ll ultimately be flying alone eliminating any transition training. Your Personal Flight Trainer can even fly other members of your business team allowing you to take full advantage of your business aircraft.

Will your training time be shortened? Maybe, but even if it’s not you’re still accomplishing what you set out to do. You’re traveling hundreds of miles to pay a visit to your customer, but to your customer… You’re local! It’s easy, it’s effective and you’re home for dinner. Can it get any better than that?

If you think this type of training is appealing, your next step is to talk with your aircraft sales professional to direct you to possible candidates for you to consider. Whether you prefer an exclusive trainer, or a flight trainer who can be available to you when you schedule, your aircraft sales professional can be a valuable resource. Some even advertise aircraft purchase packages that include training and/or a pilot.

So you can take control of your business and personal transportation with a private airplane and you can scratch the long, tedious training as an obstacle.

Just add a valuable member to your team of business partners… your Personal Flight Trainer.