Sat. Jun 10th, 2023

Creating signs for your business, event, or school can be an expensive venture. If all you want to do is simply advertise, then choosing yard displays can be a cost effective and simple way to spread the word.


The most common use of yard displays is political signage. Typically, polling places use these advertisements in order to mark their location and show who is on the ballot. Voters also display these posters in their yards in order to show support for a specific candidate or party.

Political candidates and major parties use these signs in order to inform voters of measures that are on the ballot. The quick blurb encourages voters to cast their ballot either for or against the named measure.


Non-profit organizations use yard displays as a cheap way to get their message to the public. These institutions include churches, clubs, schools, parent-teacher associations, and even homeowners associations. In most cases, these advertisements are about upcoming events at the organization’s location or at a location somewhere in the community. Some schools also sell these signs for parents to announce proudly that their child attends the school in question.

Real Estate

Real estate agencies put some of the largest markers in front of homes, convenient for passing traffic to notice and read. The agency’s name may appear prominently, and there is usually contact information readily available. Some handing beams include a plastic tube with informative handouts about the home, and additional tabs may update passersby about the status of the home when it sells.


Businesses often use these small advertisers to announce one-day sales or new business openings. Those who are self-employed, such as groundskeepers or carpenters, may also use these posters as a way to generate new leads. Seasonal businesses, like tax services, use them to announce they are open and accepting new clientele.

Personal Use

There are several personal reasons that you may choose to use a yard notice. You can use the signage as a way to mark your home for a birthday or graduation party. Some people use them to announce a new addition to the family, with details such as gender.

Many homeowners also use them to indicate when yard or garage sales are in progress. In this case, these announcements are often located at the ends of the street where the house is located with arrows pointing the way to the sale. They may also include hours of operation, if you are planning to stop the garage sale at a specific time.

When displaying yard signs, you should always check with city ordinances. While announcements displayed on private property may have no direct regulation, there may be laws and ordinances governing the signage displayed on public property, such as along roadsides.